Holiday Club

In the summer, Holiday Clubs are organised for Primary School children in both Stenton and East Linton.

2015 Summer Holiday Club ran from Monday 10 August in the Community Hall East Linton.  It ran every morning  from 10am12noon.  Participants took part in the Expedition Team, enjoyed some refreshments at the Refuelling Station and stories from God’s Big Expedition

There was some Dancing on Ice and some Husky Time as well as a DVD, theme song and plenty of games.  Children between 5 and 11 were welcomed to become a Polar Explorer!  The club is free.  Registration on Saturday 8 August at 10.00am at the Stables.

In addition there was a Summer Polar Adventure on Tuesday 18 August at the Village Hall, Stenton from 10am – 2pm including lunch.  Children between 5 and 11 were most welcome to become Polar Explorers!  Lots of fun activities!  Registration from 9.45am onwards with no charge.  See you there!

2014 Summer Holiday Club

Mega makers

This summer the Holiday Club was called ‘Mega Makers’.  It ran every morning 10am – 12 noon and was about invention!  Participate in the Inventor’s Workshop.  Enjoy some refreshment at the Down Tools and stories from the Maker’s Manual.  There was some Messy Mechanics and Power Tools as well as a DVD, theme song and plenty of games.  Children between 5 and 11 are most welcome to mega make!  The club is free.  Registration at Stenton on Monday 7 July from 9.30am and at the Stables Prestonkirk on Saturday 9 August at 10am.

2013 Summer Holiday Club

SpaceThis summer our Holiday Club was called ‘Space Academy’.  Those who attended participated in the Phaser Fitness, the Brain Booster and the Universe Challenge.  They enjoyed some refreshments at the Cafe Cosmos and activities at the Action Stations.  There was one giant leap, some star songs and a DVD.


2012 Summer Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club was called ‘On Your Marks ..‘  It had a distinctly olympic flavour – and a beautiful play on words. The Biblical material was taken from St. Mark’s Gospel!  The club ran on two occasions and in  two venues throughout the first and the last weeks of the school holidays.

The first club was in the Village Hall, Stentonand the second was in the Community Hall, East Linton. In total, 53 children participated in the two clubs and almost 40 adults joined together to form the leadership teams.

Both clubs,  worked in Athletic Villages at the Olympics – the Awesome Americans, the Funky French etc. The DVD contained lots of interviews with Christian sportsmen and women who shared their difficulties as well as their successes in a humble, hopeful and honest way. The highlights of both clubs were the homemade canoes – and fishing for beanbags in the parks!

2011 Summer Holiday Club

In 2011, the club was called ‘Wastewatchers’ and it was held in the first and last weeks of the school summer holidays.