Pews News – 9 December 2018

  1. Welcome to the kirk – and a special welcome to the female voices of the Stenton Singers who are worshipping with us at Stenton. May the peace of God be with you!
  2. Coffee and bacon rolls  are served after worship at Stenton and coffee is served from 10-15am in the Stables, Prestonkirk.  Flowers  arranged by Judith Fowler (Stenton) and Audrey Affleck  (Prestonkirk). Our reader at Prestonkirk is Donny Cuthbert.  Intercessions are led by Denise Russell (Stenton) and Helen Hamilton (Prestonkirk).
  3. Children are always welcome to worship with us. At Stenton, children are invited to participate in the whole service. At Prestonkirk, children over three are invited to attend the Sunday School in the Stables after the second hymn. Creche in the Smeaton Room.
  4.  ‘Sing a Song for Christmas’ is on this afternoon  at 3pm in Prestonkirk. East Linton Primary School Choir, students from Dunbar Grammar and East Linton Community Choir will be performing. Retiring offering for Christian Aid followed by seasonal hospitality in the Stables.
  5. There will be a Christmas Lunch next  Sunday in the Stables. Help with sandwiches, tray bakes etc required. See Anne, Eleanor, Pat, Yvonne or Alastair. Christmas Hamper raffle tickets available from Anne (Stenton) and Yvonne (Prestonkirk).
  6. ‘Carols at Stenton’ with the Stenton Singers is on next Sunday night  at 7-30pm in Stenton  Kirk. There will be a retiring offering for LORD –  Late Onset of Retina Degeneration. The research will also help the macular eye deficiency as well.
  7. Guild Christmas Tea is on Tuesday 18 December at 2-15pm in the Stables.
  8. The Stenton Primary School Nativity Play is in Stenton Kirk on Tuesday 18 December at 2pm.  East Linton Christmas Assembly is in Prestonkirk on Thursday 20 December at 2pm. Members of the congregation are welcome to attend.
  9. Community Bible Experience 2019 – We are going to read the first part of the Old Testament over eight weeks (February-April). If you are interested in facilitating a reading group, please sign the sheet in the vestibule. Many thanks indeed!
  10. Copies of Pews News are available in DJ Malcolm’s, the Post Office and Votadini.  Send items to the minister  t: 860227 or e: