Pews News – 29 July 2018

  1. Welcome to the kirk – and may the peace of God be with you!
  2. Coffee after worship at Stenton and from 10-15am in Prestonkirk.
  3. Flowers have been arranged by Fiona Dobson (Stenton) and Yvonne Aitken (Prestonkirk). Our readers are Jane Steven (Stenton) and Joyce Patrick (Prestonkirk).
  4. Children are always welcome to worship with us. At Stenton, there is an activity for the children after the children’s address. At Prestonkirk, children are invited to go down to the Stables after the second hymn for a related craft activity. Crèche in the Smeaton Room.
  5. The Sacrament of Holy Baptism will be celebrated in both kirks next Sunday morning.
  6. On Sunday 12 August, there will be a ‘Welcome to the Lord’s Table’ Ceremony at Prestonkirk followed by a congregational lunch.
  7. At Prestonkirk, we are organising an Adventure Day entitled ‘Seascape’ for children in the Stables, the kirk and the glebe field on Tuesday 14 August 10am-2pm. This includes lunch and registration is from 9-30am onwards.
  8. The Guild Strawberry Tea is on Tuesday 21 August at 2-30pm in the Stables.
  9. There will be a Silent Auction for church funds on Friday 31 August from 7pm onwards in the Community Hall, East Linton. Tickets cost £5 and include the right to bid plus an arrival drink and nibbles. These are available fropm Yvonne Aitken, Pat Carmichael, Alastair McConnachie, Anne Mason and Eleanor Miller.
  10. The success of this event will be largely down to the support and generosity of members of the congregation. Therefore, we are looking for ‘quality items or promises’ which can be auctioned on the night! Please contact someone from the Fundraising Committee (above) if you are able to donate or help in any way.
  11. ‘The Last of the Hepburns of Smeaton Hepburn’ is an exhibiton curated by David Affleck in the John Gray Centre Museum, Haddington. It explores the history of the family and their links to local and national affairs. It’s available until September. For more information phone 01620 820690.
  12. Copies of Pews News are available in DJ Malcolm’s, Votadini and the Post Office. Items for next week’s issue should be sent to the Revd. David D. Scott t: 860227 or e: