Pews News – 14 July 2019

  1. Welcome to the kirk – and a special welcome to Eddie Yeoman, Reader, who is conducting morning worship and  Mairi Leach who is playing the organ at Stenton. May the peace of God be with you!
  2. Coffee is served after morning worship at Stenton and from 10-15am in Prestonkirk.
  3. Flowers arranged by Barbara Wyllie  (Stenton) and  Irene Heron (Prestonkirk). Readers are Jane Steven (Stenton) and June Forson (Prestonkirk). 
  4. Children are always welcome to worship with us.  At Stenton, there is an activity for the children after the children’s address. At Prestonkirk, children are invited to participate in the craft activity in the Stables after the second hymn. Creche in the Smeaton Room.
  5. The minister will be on holiday from 8-29 July. Morning worship next Sunday will be conducted by the Revd. Margaret Stein. Anyone requiring the services of a minister should contact the Revd. Suzie Fletcher t: 01368 830713.
  6. There will be a meeting of the Kirk Session on Tuesday 6 August to discuss the future of the manse.
  7. On Tuesday 13 August, the last day of the school holidays, there will be an ‘Adventure Day’  in the Stables, the kirk and the Glebe field from 10am-2pm. Children between 5 and 11 will be most welcome at ‘Miracle Maker’.
  8. Less than half of the Smartie Tubes  have been returned! So some people have enjoyed the smarties but have yet to return the empty or better still the Smartie Tube full of 20p or £1 coins! Hand them in to the offering plate, an elder at the kirk door or one of the Fundraising Team – Alastair, Yvonne, Pat, Eleanor, Anne. Many thanks!
  9. Copies of Pews News are available in DJ Malcolm’s, the Post Office and Votadini. Items for next week’s issue should be sent to the Revd. David D. Scott t: 860227 or e: