Pews News – 11 August 2019

  1. Welcome to the kirk – and may the peace of God be with you!
  2. Coffee is served after morning worship at Stenton and from 10-15am in Prestonkirk.
  3. Flowers arranged by Judith Fowler (Stenton) and Marion Middlemass (Prestonkirk). Readers are Barbara/James Wyllie (Stenton) and  Chloe Clark  (Prestonkirk). 
  4. Children are always welcome to worship with us.  At Stenton, there is an activity for the children after the children’s address. At Prestonkirk, children are invited to participate in the whole service.
  5. On Tuesday, the last day of the school holidays, there will be an ‘Adventure Day’  in the Stables, the kirk and the Glebe field from 10am-2pm. Children between 5 and 11 will be most welcome at ‘Miracle Maker’.
  6. Guild Strawberry Tea is on Tuesday 20 August at 2-30pm in the Stables.
  7. The Sunday School at Prestonkirk begins next Sunday. Meet in the Stables at 10-45am or in the kirk  for the first part of the service at 11am.
  8. On Saturday 31 August, the NK Ramblers are coming to walk within our parish. If you are interested in joining them, please come to the Stables for a 10am start with coffee etc.
  9. There will be a Harvest Lunch in the Stables on Sunday 29 September at 12 noon.  If you are able to help with donations of  sandwiches, sweet treats or tray bakes, then please contact Alastair (860  939) or speak to a member of the team – Anne, Eleanor, Pat & Yvonne – by Sunday 15  September.
  10. The total amount raised from the Smartie Tubes so far  has come to  £907-21p. Where did the 1p come from? There are still 38 tubes to come back. If people are conscientious about fulfilling their side of the deal, we will surely raise more than a thousand!
  11. Copies of Pews News are available in DJ Malcolm’s, the Post Office and Votadini. Items for next week’s issue should be sent to the Revd. David D. Scott t: 860227 or e: