Minister’s Blog

9 March 2019

Our younger daughter, Sarah, is a triathlete. Last year, she decided to get a new bike. At that level of competition, equipment is very important and she decided it was time to get an upgrade. It was going to be very expensive.

We decided to help out at which point Sarah upgraded her purchase even more! But it has proved to have been a real asset. The upgraded bike has taken over a minute off her race time. It made me wonder. If you had even more financial resources how much more time could you shave off?

Although the best bike in the world would not be any use to someone who couldn’t ride it properly, it is a definite advantage in the field of high achieving sports. It could make all the difference between the gold and the silver!

I have to say, it didn’t feel right that having a little bit more money should actually help in bringing glory to one athlete. Shouldn’t this advantage be available to everyone who performs. And what other secret advantages lie hidden in these sports’ fields?

It also made me see the value of much greater investment in sport especially amongst people who are financially disadvantaged. It is to our country’s benefit to ensure that people with ability and potential have the opportunity to develop and shine regardless of levels of wealth and income.