Minister’s Blog

11 August 2019

Doug Marr made an interesting observation in a column entitled, ‘The real Brexit problem? We have the wrong kind of MP.’ In a nutshell, he argued that ‘the modern political dynamic is not serving but self-serving’.

One of the problems which he identifies is what we might call the professionalisation of the politician. A familiar pattern has emerged – university degree, experience as a councillor, aide to a politician etc. In this way, he says, ‘Politics becomes an end in itself.’

In a former day, there were more MPs who had done manual labour and fewer who had previous political experience. Instead, they had been involved in some aspect of service to the wider community and brought a broader perspective than finance and the law.

Like Marr, I think the whole concept of service has become unfashionable. This is not only skewing the national perspective and affecting the health and well-being of our communities, it is creating a culture which is not conducive to the gospel.

Right at the heart of Christ’s message is a willingness to kneel down, tie a towel around your waist and wash feet! The wonderful thing about this concept is that everyone can do it. But, in fact, it’s often less well-educated people who minister in this way. More’s the pity!