Minister’s Blog

9 August 2019

Like many other nine year olds, I saw the first episode of Dr. Who in 1963. My enthusiasm waned when I grew up a little more but I still remember the thrill of seeing the daleks in action. They were personified in our playground games. We even spoke like them.

The other day, I was interested to see that TV Years had conducted a survey of its readership to discover the greatest sci-fi television moment of all time. Amazingly enough, it turned out to be the debut of the daleks in Dr. Who in 1963.

They were scary creatures but, of course, they had their limitations. They couldn’t cope with stairs and different levels but that didn’t temper our fear. We were envious when we heard that someone had actually been able to buy a dalek!

Time travel didn’t introduce us to black holes but it did help us to understand an historical timeline. The paradox of the tardis which was small on the outside but large on the inside helped us to anticipate the magic beyond our first impressions.

Our imagination was stimulated. Science was celebrated. Playground games were transformed. It was no longer cowboys and Indians  or fighting the jerries but travelling into space, reaching for the stars and eventually landing on the moon!