Minister’s Blog

10 June 2019

I tell you this not because I want you to subscribe to the Herald on a daily basis but because I think the Herald has shown great wisdom in sacrificing potential income for the sake of creating a more enlightened and honest society.

It has decided to offer free access to to every college and university in Scotland. This means that anyone working or studying at a Scottish institution of higher learning will have free access to the Herald.

The initiative recognises three things. Firstly, not every student is able to afford to buy a daily newspaper. Secondly, the internet is the medium where young people access the news. Thirdly, in a world of fake news, fact based and reputable reporting goes some way to redress the imbalance.

‘Are we assessing the evidence and forming an opinion based on agreed facts and understanding formed through unbiased scrutiny?’ asked the Editor-in-Chief. ‘Or do we simply exist within an echo chamber and hold a view based on what we want to hear?’