Minister’s Blog

14 September 2019

There is something rather unattractive about someone who always wants to get their own way. They haven’t learnt the humble art of collaborating with others. There are two important things here.

Firstly, there is the value we place upon other people when we consult with them. It requires the ability to listen and this is a humble art. Secondly, there is the value we place upon the whole group when this act of collaboration leads us to change our own view.

For some, things go smoothly so long as everyone agrees with their  point of view but when it’s challenged they need to exercise the humble arts. This requires the flexibility to change which some cannot do.

Is their reluctance born out of a spoilt childhood, a privileged adulthood, an enlarged  ego, a fear of death, an end to what is familiar, what can be controlled. But this is not the gospel for the gospel is all about dramatic change. Afterall, the last shall be first in God’s Kingdom! So where does that leave you?