Minister’s Blog

8 August 2019

In our secular world where God is not considered, two things happen. We do not view people as made in the image of God. This has something to do with equality but more importantly sacredness.

Equality is important but it is bound up with law and definition and rights and wrongs. Sacredness is much more difficult to define. We have to aspire to a deeper understanding because it is all about holiness, the character of God.

But it is this quality which inspires us to see other people as made in the likeness of God and therefore carrying something of God within them. This inspires more than equality for it is born not out of law but out of love.

The second thing which happens when we remove God from the centre of our universe is that our horizons are limited to the earth. Heaven doesn’t have a place within our thinking.

The value and the purpose of our work and actions are not seen from this infinite perspective and so our lives are dominated by the immediate, the temporal and the short-term interests of ourselves,  our  family or our nation.

Heaven restores the importance and the significance of living in such a way that as Jesus says we are rich towards God, storing up treasures in heaven and celebrating the very things which death can never destroy!