Minister’s Blog

13 July 2019

For forty years, I have never wavered from the importance of inter-generational work. In every charge and in every thought, I have made it  my goal to provide opportunities in worship and congregational life for all ages.

One of the first projects we did at Forth  way back in the eighties was environmental. A member of the congregation had spotted an advertisement for an ‘Environmental Award Scheme’ run by Clydesdale District Council.

The idea was to  do something to improve the local environment. We put in £50 to the project and the council put in £450! We decided to renovate the church grounds which sat in a very prominent position on the Main Street.

All the organisations who used our kirk hall participated. The Sunday School took the bird table garden, the Guides planted the heather garden, others took the rose garden, the butterfly garden, the wildflower garden and so it was done.

All ages working together to enhance our local environment was rewarded with first prize in the competition. The project was later highly commended in a national initiative organised by the ‘Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland’.

The gardens are still attractive and the spin-offs within the community have been surprising with community poly-tunnels and other initiatives at the school. It lives on over thirty-five years later!