Minister’s Blog

11 July 2019

Instead of using our tongue to hurt other people, we can use our tongue to build them up. There are four important words which we can keep by our side to encourage other people.

The first is thank-you! When someone does something for you, it is always good to acknowledge their gift with a word of thanks. Gratitude lies at the heart of the Gospel, our gratitude to God for what he has done for us in Jesus.

The second is sorry! This is one we often forget to say. When we are unkind to another in word or deed, we need to be ready to say, ‘I am sorry!’ It is the only way to heal and mend and bring peace.

The third is remember!  Remember all the good things that you have done and that we have done together. They will build us up and make us feel good to be alive.

The fourth is love. ‘I love you!’, ‘Love you!’,  ‘Love David’, ‘I will love you always!’ are words which make everyone feel good about themselves. It’s love which makes the world go round. No wonder because God is love.