Minister’s Blog

4 March 2019

Our daughter-in-law, Pamela, has been busy on a mural. It’s one of several murals commissioned by NCR Corporation which is based at Discovery House, Dundee. It’s an American company which began life producing the first mechanical cash registers after their invention in 1879!

Pamela’s mural  ‘celebrates the unique architecture and landmarks of Dundee’. On either side, you can see the two bridges and the river. In the centre, you can see the newly built, Victoria and Albert Museum, or the V and Tay and above these waterbound landmarks, there are the skyscrapers and the Law.

Two things amazed me about it. Firstly, its size. The dimensions are huge – 2.3m by 7.2m. Secondly, its execution. When I asked Pamela if she was painting it from an original drawing, she told me that most of it was being done from memory. How she has managed to plot all the detail to this  scale blows my mind away!

I think companies should be encouraged to sponsor artistic endeavour within their communities. It brings employment to freelance artists. It enhances the working environment for employees. Above all, it inspires not only the artist to exercise her creativity but also inspires the viewer to bring something unique to birth even if it just remains in their imagination!

We are all made in the image of God. And God is introduced to us in the first book of the Bible as the Creator. The poet has written a beautiful account of the supreme Artist at work creating light, dividing the waters, bringing forth vegetation, separating the day from the night, making the birds of the air, the fish in the sea. When it was done, God saw that it was good. It was very good. Those who share in God’s creative ministry are very good too!