Minister’s Blog

28 February 2019

Once again, the scientists confirm the value of love. Packaged as the gospel it would receive no headlines but there it is for all to see. ‘Being loved boosts your chance of a long life.’ The headline relates to a study of  relationships over at least twenty years.

People who are in a long-term relationship with a partner who clearly cares for them and is attentive to their needs tend to have a lower risk of mortality than those who are in relationships where the partner has been less attentive over a ten year period.

In fact, people in these relationships have a 42% higher risk of death in the following ten years. You can see how it happens. If you begin to notice that the relationship is not as supportive as it was this will inevitably be more stressful, worrying, debilitating. And this is bad for our health.

So now we know that hugging and kissing and being caring and attentive are good for your health. Whether it increases  your longevity is neither here nor there for your life will be enhanced so much with kisses and cuddles that you will think  that you are in heaven anyway!