Minister’s Blog

26 February 2019

In the light of what was revealed in ‘The Class Ceiling’ have said, we can see that this exclusive world  where some are in and others are not and those who are out  don’t have a chance to get in because they cannot manufacture the elusive qualities required to get there is contrary to the Gospel.

Consider these three things. Firstly, the things which the church values are not the same as what the world values.  Blessed are you who are poor, hungry, sorrowful  and excluded, says Jesus! Why so prized in his kingdom. Their lives are empty enough to recognise their need of God.

Secondly, the community created by the church is not self-selecting. This is the trouble with class divisions. They encourage people of a particular background to choose the company of people from their own background.

But the church is not like this in its constitution. We do not choose who is in and who is out. God calls and we respond. Baptism is freely offered to anyone and everyone who wants to follow Jesus.

Thirdly, identity in the church  is not tied up with who we are nor what we can do nor where we are from nor what our fathers did. Identity in the church is tied up with what God has done for us in Christ.

We are all made in the image of God and Christ has died for  us whether we have economic, social or cultural capital, whether we have that elusive polish or studied informality or whether we belong to one class or another. 

For this community is not determined by personal advantage nor even business advantage but a love which transcends all these created barriers to peace and happiness.