Minister’s Blog

21 February 2019

Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician living around 500BC. He is credited with what has become known as ‘The Pythagorean Theorem’. This gives us a fundamental property of a right-angled triangle.

Essentially, when we square the length of the hypotenuse, we discover that it is the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two other sides. In this, Pythagoras effectively transformed space into numbers!

Not so long ago, it was revealed that Pythagoras was not the first to discover this. It was known by the Babylonians a thousand  years before! Having said that, the Iraqis may have forgotten it by the time of Pythagoras.

I hope not because it made me wonder whether Jesus knew about the Pythagorean Theorem? Remember his forebears were exiled in Babylon in the sixth century. If the mathematics of right angled triangles was still taught, did the exiles carry it back to Jerusalem?