Minister’s Blog

14 February 2019

Recently, I was on holiday for the weekend and found myself browsing in a delightful bookshop in the Borders. I hadn’t intended to buy anything but I couldn’t resist what was described as a book of ‘Scottish poems for growing older’.

It was edited by Lizzie McGregor and had a forward by Sally Magnusson. For the rest of the day, Mary-Catherine’s peace was regularly interrupted with quotations from this rich and illuminating text. One was simply called, ‘Watching the Telly with You’.

It surprised me that what Roald Dahl and the Oompah Loompahs considered to be a means of rotting the brain, should confirm the value of a companionship enriched by the years and the pleasure of simply  being together. It was written by Diana Hendry.

We could go to Paris of course

but not so often. And it might not be quite

as cosy as the sofa, the fire, our slippers,

the zapper. Sometimes mid-morning

I think about it, hankering a little like

the lovelorn do, for that evening lull,

front door locked, feet up, snugged up,

loved up and watching the telly with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!