Minister’s Blog

12 February 2019

At J-Team the children were thinking about worry. In discussion, they worried about the dark, the future, being alone and so on. This led into an animation about Jesus and his teaching about worry. Before that, the children made four paper dolls holding hands.

It’s an old paper craft which was almost second nature to us at Primary School – fold the paper in half, fold each side into the centre, fold into a quarter, draw a picture of a person and cut it out! Not so easy for them!

On each of the four people, they had to draw a different expression – happy, sad, surprised and worried. Never was such a simple activity enjoyed so much! The facial expressions and the colour schemes are all different. The figures are all unique.

Sometimes we are wont to think that children do not worry or should not worry or  have no reason to worry. The truth is that we all worry. It’s a natural emotion. Having said that, we need to learn strategies to cope with it.

Jesus provides that. Just look at the birds and the flowers. They don’t worry about food or clothing and yet God provides all that they need. The splendour of the king could never match them! If God cares for them, will he not care for us too? Simple, really?