Minister’s Blog

9  February 2019

So much of our world and our experience is inexplicable. Although we live in a world where science is the predominant intellectual force and commands so much respect, it does not hold the answers to so many important questions.

In a special edition of ‘Scientific American’, I read an article about the spectral gap. This is the amount of energy required to move a material from one state into another e.g. ice into water and so on.

Three mathematicians recently proved that it will never be possible to determine whether all materials have a spectral gap or not. What this implies is that there may be other big scientific questions which will  be proved to be undecidable.

In other words, whilst our scientific understanding of the Universe will continue to grow so will our acknowledgement that certain scientific questions will never ever be answered. And, what’s more, we can prove that we will never discover the answers!

This fascinating result has a bearing on the miracles of Jesus not least the  resurrection! How did this happen? Is it like the spectral gap question? Can it ever be proved? Is it something which one day will be proved to be  undecidable?