Minister’s Blog

16 February 2019

For the past four years, the Wood Foundation has been sponsoring an initiative in the Primary Schools across eight local authorities ‘to improve the confidence, skills and science support networks for primary teachers.’

The researchers evaluating this Raise Project discovered that the children thoroughly enjoyed the classroom experiments. There was a strong indication that the children would enjoy being involved in science when they left school.

However, there were three inhibiting factors. The first was the negative attitude towards science at home. The second was the lack of confidence amongst teachers. The third was the invisibility of people working in  scientific jobs.

In other words, if the children never see nor know a scientist within their own community and therefore have no role model, how will they be able to see themselves working in such an alien sphere of employment?

It seems very odd that in a century which has seen so much scientific  advancement, the teaching of science and the opportunities which it affords should not be encouraging more science and more scientists within our society.