Minister’s Blog

8  February 2019

I am very careful with my backdoor key. I keep it my pocket and at night I carefully lay it on the table beside the bed. So it was a surprise to me to lose my key. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find it despite the finitude of space!

I got another and was even more careful about this one. Strangely enough, it vanished too. Whilst there has been no other evidence to suggest that I may be dementing, I thought it very odd that my careful routines had been breached so easily.

I began to think there was a pattern to these losses. It had never happened before – and now it had happened twice. An alternative routine had somehow been developed which had circumvented my awareness. I waited.

When Colin broke his ankle, I visited him in Leeds. Sitting on a comfortable chair in his living-room, I felt my key sliding out of my pocket! A near miss – but it set me thinking. What if this had been happening at home? Perhaps my key had fallen out of my pocket and down the side of the chair.

When I followed up this detective work, not only did I find three backdoor keys but also a pen, a comb and a fifty-pence piece! They had all slipped out of my pocket, fallen down the side of the chair and into the wooden structure which was sealed off with sacking.

Although it took time, I was thrilled. I had found my lost keys. The loss did not imply the onset of dementia. A pattern of loss had been created and made worse by my recent loss of weight and loosely fitting clothes!