Minister’s Blog

5  February 2019

Standing on the metal bridge at 7-30 in the morning, I saw a little dipper dancing on a stone. He was singing. But to whom? I looked up and around at the trees and the dawning sky but saw nothing else.

I walked on but stopped short. I should take a photograph of the little bird. When I went back I could see that the sing song  dipper had been joined by his mate, charmed no doubt by his early morning singing! Now they were dancing together!

And I saw  that autumn’s windfall of apples which had lain on the grass by the Knowes field all through December had now vanished. And there were no red berries on the hawthorn bushes. Jessie struck eight and she was crystal clear.

The hare was running across the frosted field under the fading crescent moon  and there was much crackling at the side of the road as the frosted leaves magnified the sound of birds and other creatures moving in the undergrowth, hidden from view. Magical moments, confirming the value of life and living even in the winter!