Minister’s Blog

2 February 2019

When I was on study leave last October, I was exploring infinity in mathematics and theology, hoping to find some common ground which would lead to a deeper understanding of God. One of my  starting points was the circle.

It has no beginning and no end and so it shapes the wedding ring which celebrates a love which is eternal. One way of looking at the circle is to see it as a polygon with an infinite number of sides.

If you look at a circle and draw a hexagon inside and then a septagon and then an octagon and so on, you can see that the polygon is approximating to the circle more and more. This was what I needed for my ‘Fun a Day Dundee’.

I decided to write my blog inside a polygon with the same number of sides as the day of the month. So for 3 January, I used a triangle. For 4 January, I used a square. For 5 January, I used a pentagon and so on. For 31 January, I used an irregular polygon with 31 sides!

For 1 January, I used a dot and for 2 January, I used a straight line. The dot was in the middle of my first word GOD and the straight line connects ‘Thank’ with ‘you’. In this way, I was able to visualise the blogging for the first two days of the month.