Minister’s Blog

12 March 2019

This Lent, I suggest we do three things to strengthen our resistance to  whatever temptations come our way. The first is to nurture a greater humility. We are called to see ourselves as part of something much bigger than ourselves.  We are not the centre of his creation. We are loved by God but so is our enemy, the people who think and live differently. We all have fallen  short of the glory of God!

The second is to become more open to other people and to the changes which they may effect within us. Our actions may be good but what of their motivation. If our motivation was different would our actions be better. Would we then achieve the best result even if it isn’t what we would have wanted? Our best wisdom may be found in unexpected places and people. God will lead us there.

The third is to value the redemption which can only be effected by Christ. Is there any hope for someone who is born evil? The characterisation is likely to stymie any possibility that the love of God is deep enough and powerful enough to transform a murderer, a terrorist, a paedophile. Why should we put constraints on the power of God’s love to change hearts and to work his cure?