Minister’s Blog

28 April 2019

It is extraordinary what some people will do to steal a march others. When it comes to choosing the best school for your child, some people actually move house to set up home in a more desirable school catchment area.

When it comes to enrolling your child at a faith school, there is an expectation that parents will be regular attenders at church. A recent  poll indicated that one in eight parents who attended church to secure their child’s place in a popular faith school  was an atheist!

One atheist blamed the state of comprehensive education. ‘It’s an abhorrent situation.’ he said. ‘And one that is made worse when parents are forced to play a system that they didn’t create  and are then accused of being odious, despicable hypocrites!’

What he didn’t say was that the two years worshipping in his local parish church was so enlightening that he decided to stay, seek baptism, confirmation and maybe ordination! But perhaps this is what will happen to his child. It would if our prayers and not his were answered!