Minister’s Blog

31 December 2018

On Friday, we succumbed to the pull of nostalgia and bought tickets for the recently released, ‘Mary Poppins Returns’. We were not disappointed. Although the songs may not be as memorable (time will tell!), it retains some of the original magic.

Emily Blunt may not sing as well as Julie Andrews but she is a much feistier Mary Poppins – and that’s a closer approximation to the original PL Travers’ creation. Seeing a 93 year old Dick van Dyke dancing on the banker’s desk was worth the ticket itself!

Instead of chimney sweeps, we have leeries. Instead of street art, we have a Royal Dalton punch bowl. Instead of flying kites, we have balloons. Instead of afternoon tea on the ceiling, it’s a topsy turvy world  generated by Meryl Streep no less!

Mary Poppins is one of my favourite literary characters. I admire her sensitivity to time. She is able to discern the right time to come and the right time to go. And she is quite unsentimental about the going –  leaving as quietly as her arriving. Her last words are, ‘It’s time!’

This is an essential characteristic for ministry. Some stay too long. They cannot let go the conceit of indispensability. Some don’t stay long enough to make any significant difference. But there is a right time to come and a right time to go. Moses knew that. Jesus too!