Minister’s Blog

30 December 2018

One of the highlights of the past year was the opportunity to do some more study leave. The topic was infinity and spanned two disciplines – mathematics and theology. Our two Scottish confessions describe God as infinite and, of course, mathematics is replete with infinity!

My first degree was in Pure Mathematics so it was great to be able to engage with the mathematical material once again. Whilst I was hesitant about working across two disciplines, I came to understand that the pursuit of truth was essential to all aspects of learning.

Two obvious observations. The more you study a subject, the more you realise how much you do not know. This is both humbling and exciting.  The more you look at two different areas of learning, the more you are able to identify common ground. This is illuminating.

In 1975,  one of the University chaplains suggested this sphere of exploration to me when I was studying Pure Mathematics at St. Andrews. It has taken me forty-three years to rise to this challenge! It has been worth the wait!