Minister’s Blog

28 December 2018

A member of the congregation sent me an interesting  reflection on the incarnation. Surprisingly enough, it was written by Jeffrey Archer and entitled, ‘The Son of God’. In it, he plots the ordinariness of God’s work in Christ from the baby laid in the manger through to the king enthroned on a cross. He concludes:

When he died at the age of thirty-three, there were no obituaries in the local press reporting his achievements, no glossy supplements highlighting his colourful career, no radio programmes to discuss his legacy and no box sets recording any of his miracles.

But then, he’d never relied on focus groups to advise him on current trends, or advertising gurus to spend millions promoting his brand, or spin doctors to sharpen his image and he didn’t require social media to keep his followers up to date so you could be forgiven for assuming he’d be forgotten in a few days.

So how can one explain that over two thousand years later, Jesus Christ is still the best-known celebrity on earth? Could it just be that he was the Son of God?’ What do you think about that?