Minister’s Blog

19 December 2018

This year, I was disappointed in the number of young people who didn’t seem to know that St.Andrew was our patron saint. Anything to promote him is to be commended. So I was attracted to an article in the Courier featuring work done on the saint by Dr. Michael Turnbull.

Through his research, he has come to the conclusion that the cross of St. Andrew which Angus famously saw in the sky  preceding his victory over the Saxons at Athelstaneford was not made of cloud but of light.

He is keen to promote this in a large-scale sculpture for East Lothian, a series of art projects for schools and, most imaginatively of all, the use of the Saltire in Scotland’s official sporting gear.

 In particular, he would like to see the use of reflective, luminescent or iridescent material which would catch the light as players moved around courts or pitches or wherever. In this environment, our teams would sparkle like real stars! And why not?

I think it’s a great honour to have the first person who decided to follow Jesus as our patron saint. Of all the countries in our United Kingdom we are alone in this. It is the Church which has brought our patron saint to birth and now he safeguards its historic place in the heart of our nation.