Minister’s Blog

17 December 2018

We had an angel in the Nativity Play at Prestonkirk this morning and four other angels at the congregational lunch. It was organised by a group of five people including Alastair, the Convener.

The others in his team had designed T-shirts for the occasion with angels’ wings on the back and ‘Ali’s Angels’ printed on the front. Some even sported angel ear-rings to finish off the decoration!

When I spoke to Alastair about it, he said, ‘I think they have too much time on their hands!’ But not too much time for a bit of fun and to pay a compliment to their hardworking convener! It turned out to be a very congenial event.

There was a splendid table of savouries and sweetmeats and  a raffle with generously donated prizes given by people with hidden wings! Young and old and in-between celebrated together and we were the better for their Christmas cheer. We even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sonia! Twenty-one again!