Minister’s Blog

16 December 2018

I saw an advert in the Herald the other day. You could hardly miss it. It covered the whole of page 7! It featured photographs of four rooms – a kitchen, bathroom, dining and living rooms. The company sold tiles, bathrooms, kitchens and hardwood furniture. Pretty!

Although Porcelanosa is a Spanish company, it had a Scottish address in Glasgow and a royal appointment to the Prince of Wales. So far so good – and not much to write home about except the extraordinary tag line, ‘Envy is a beautiful thing.’

Were we to look at these photographs and compare them to the rooms and furniture in our own home and through the envy which this experience was sure to arouse, feel drawn to make an unsuitable and probably expensive purchase?

For those who remember the ten commandments, this approach encourages people to break the tenth! How can it be said that coveting what isn’t ours is a beautiful thing? Beautiful to those who are going to enjoy the financial gain?

No one is exempt from envy and we do well to guard against it. Making comparisons with another diminishes both. It casts a dark shadow over the unique gifts which have been given to each. Neither is able to shine and the world is impoverished of sparkle, spontaneity and joy!