Minister’s Blog

15 December 2018

It was my turn to take the school assemblies at Dunbar Grammar. There were five of them – every morning at 8-40am. This meant I had to do my early morning walk earlier! It was very dark. I wore my head torch to see the way –  frightened the birds in the trees as I passed.

On my first day, I was met by a group of first year boys from East Linton who were keen to chat before the assembly began. On the second, a member of the office staff offered to show me round the new extension.

This was  very impressive with wide corridors, new home economics  facilities, classrooms and a tiered auditorium which doubles as social space all hosted under a lot of roof glass and plenty of light.

Every morning, I was welcomed by the new head teacher who engaged with the students at all stages with great ease. Her cheerful disposition and positive frame of mind was catching. She had a great rapport with her school.

As for the students, they were very attentive throughout the assemblies. There wasn’t a hint of disinterest nor boredom. They were fully engaged despite having to sit on the floor. We were using the sports’ hall instead of the assembly hall.

Dunbar Grammar is a good school with huge support from parents and, indeed, the wider community. It has had a history of good leadership and that inheritance is not being squandered by the present leadership team.

It’s Latin motto is ‘Non sine pulvere palma’ which means ‘No reward without effort’. Nothing worthwhile will ever be achieved without hard work. But sometimes hard work doesn’t bring its own rewards. This requires a deeper spiritual virtue which is also worth attaining!