Minister’s Blog

7 December 2018

My mother would have been ninety today but she died  eighteen years ago. Her birthday was always overshadowed for her by the remembrance of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which took place on her thirteenth birthday.

It had enormous consequences. The USA entered the Second World War albeit with a fleet which had been seriously disabled. From then on, my mother’s birthday was discoloured by the enormity of these events.

But my association with this date has not been affected in this way. It will always be my mother’s birthday. Although her life was very ordinary compared to the anniversaries which mark the date, it was one which continues to enrich our lives long after she is gone.

There is no guarantee that this will happen to any of us but it is delightful to think that a life lived for others may harvest some encouragement  in a day when we are no longer around. The only way to prepare for  this  is to sow the seeds of joy, peace and love now!