Minister’s Blog

5 December 2018

Our attitude to Advent is betrayed by our attitude towards food. It requires as much self-discipline as anything else. The twin themes of waiting and watching are evidently absent in our present obesity crisis.

However, there is evidence that people are wanting more information about the hidden levels of salt and sugar in foodstuffs. Kellogg’s have just announced that they are going to use the traffic light labelling system for their breakfast cereals.

It should be mandatory and not a voluntary requirement. For it helps us to be more effective in fulfilling  our responsibility to watch, to be alert to what is happening around us and to act upon what we see and hear.

Equally well, we need to nurture an inner strength within our families which is able to wait for the satisfaction of personal desire. Food is the more obvious but it is just one of several desires which we think should be fulfilled immediately.

Parents who allow their children to eat in an undisciplined way are neither helping them to avoid becoming obese nor nurturing an inner strength which will enable them to stand with their heads raised high when they have to wait.

Things do not always happen at the time we want  and so we need to become fit enough to withstand the agony of unfulfilled desire. It is a parent’s responsibility to nurture this self-discipline and food is a good place to begin.