Minister’s Blog

4 December 2018

The season of Advent encourages us to be alert, aware, awake because ‘about that day or hour no one knows’. And that day is the day of the Lord’s return.

Far from being an intimidating concept, the coming of the Lord is instructive. It helps us to shape our lives around two very important things. The first is an awareness that our lives will come to an end  and so we should live  each day as if it were our last!

This has the effect of making us more keenly aware of our priorities. Is it more important that I do this or do that? If our time is limited as it surely is, we have to make the most of it!

The second is an awareness  that the coming of the Lord brings judgement. And so we must  be timeous about making amends, completing the task in hand, fulfilling our vows, seeking reconciliation, changing our lifestyle, combating Global Warming.

So much is left undone from one day to the next – and procrastination neither lightens our load nor assuages the frustration of others. It is the fruit of a careless life which takes its days for granted and fails to count them nor make them count.