Minister’s Blog

9 September 2019

I love the story of Jeremiah. When the people were attacked by a foreign army, they didn’t know what to do next. People were killed. Their homes were destroyed. The holy temple was ransacked. Some people were taken away as prisoners of war.

What was Jeremiah going to do? Despite all the destruction and devastation, Jeremiah went and bought a field. ‘Why are you doing that, Jeremiah?’ people asked. ‘I cannot sow the field  today but one day I will. The war will be over and I will plough, sow and harvest again.

And the people smiled at his madness but they knew that he was right. When things  go wrong, remember Jeremiah and buy a field. Or do something which will bring people hope that on another day there will be laughter, peace, a time to sow seeds and enjoy the good earth!