Minister’s Blog

18  June 2019

In the Bible, name is inextricably bound up with existence. Nothing exists unless it has a name. A  person’s name is intimately bound up with his nature. It is an expression of his character. This is not only true for people. It is also true for  God. So what is the name of God?

The people of Israel called him, ‘Yahweh’. But his name was considered to be so holy that no-one except the High Priest was allowed to pronounce it! Of course, God’s name was much more than the word ‘Yahweh’. It was an expression of his whole being as it had been revealed to them.

For us, God’s nature has been fully revealed in the person of Jesus. In a very real sense, we know the name of God very well. His name is Jesus – more than this, his name is the person of Jesus. In him, we are able to see what God is like as he has never been seen before.

The name Jesus means ‘Saviour’. In everything he does, he is our Saviour. His whole life speaks of salvation. That’s his name and that’s his nature! His name penetrates the heart of God and shows us what he is like. As he says in St. John’s Gospel, ‘I made known to them thy name!’