Minister’s Blog

19 March 2019

Apparently, there is no documented history of North America from 1542-1682. Whilst there is some recorded activity on the coast nothing is known about what went on in the interior of this huge continent. Silence prevails.

At that time, the country was populated by Indians whom some suspect were struggling against the changes which were brought about by the arrival of the conquistadors. Smallpox was one – and it probably dramatically reduced the population.

Far from remaining silent about our history during this period, we have a rich story to tell – the Scottish Reformation, the Union of the Crowns, the translation of the Authorised Version of the Bible, the publication of the Westminster Confession of Faith, the beheading of the king ….

Looking at the blank pages in its history is even more astonishing when you think about what has been achieved in the USA since their history began to be recorded. But there is something attractive about the silence.

For although the great historical events have shaped our past, inspired our present and mapped out our future, the history which is not recorded has its own significance too. The hidden generosity, an act of forgiveness, the  second chance, a job well done are worthy of our commendation even though they are forgotten forever!