The third Annual Review of Giving (2013) has now taken place and although the numbers responding were a bit lower than in 2012 there was a higher proportion of parishioners planning on increasing their giving in 2014. Thank you to all those who took part in the review.

The first Annual Review of Giving was launched in September 2011 and produced a good response from parishioners. Although, in theory, the financial impact of the Annual Review of Giving would not take effect until 2012, many parishioners made changes to the method and/or the level of their giving during 2011.

It is difficult to measure the financial impact in 2011 as there were a whole variety of changes taking place – donors moving from Open Plate to Gift Aided Free Will Offering envelopes and standing order, from Free Will Offering envelopes or lump sum donation to standing order and also making one-off donations. There is no doubt, however, that the impact in 2011 was positive.

Although further financial benefits will arise during 2012, a substantial part of the intent of the Annual Review of Giving is to enable all parishioners to review their commitment to the parish on a regular, annual basis.

If you pay tax and do not currently Gift Aid your donations to the church please print and complete the Gift Aid form below and return to the Treasurer together with a request for Free Will Offering envelopes or a standing order form.

gift aid declaration